Responsibilities of Our Tenants

We are best able to do our job only when aided by our tenants. We expect our tenants to:

  • Honor the terms of the Lease and Lease Rider
  • Maintain apartments in the same manner they obtained them
  • Be considerate to their neighbors
  • Notify management of any and all potential problems
  • Keep apartments secure by using all locking devices whenever the tenants are not there
  • Lock windows and doors when leaving apartment or going to sleep
  • Change light bulbs in apartments to keep them well lit and secure
  • Use locks on building doors to keep building secure
  • Notify management of lights that need replacing or other potential hazards.
  • Replace furnace filters regularly (helps system run more efficiently reducing utilities)
  • Keep apartments and common areas in clean and sanitary condition
  • Treat all members of Seminary Properties and Management, Ltd. and subcontractors with respect
  • Read all paperwork or documentation given by management
  • Communicate with roommates (if applicable)
  • Act responsibly and hold your guests to an equal standard

Our Responsibilities to Our Tenants

We will do our best to:

  • Eliminate potential problems
  • Fix any defects, appliances, or items that need to be attended too
  • Maintain the exterior of buildings and interior common areas
  • Keep all exterior areas and interior common areas well illuminated and safe

For more detailed information on Moving-In, Moving-Out, Maintenance, Policies, and how we operate, please review frequently asked questions.