Basic Information on How We Operate

chicago-trainOur job is best done if our tenants never need us. What we mean by that is that if we have done our job well, our tenants should not have any problems and therefore will have extremely limited interaction with our staff. We have a full time maintenance crew that repairs and renovates our apartments. When notified of a problem or a potential problem, immediate action is taken to limit its effects on our tenants and the buildings. Our job is to maintain the apartments with as little inconvenience to our tenants as possible. The less you need us, the better we’ve served you.

On a daily basis, we maintain the exterior of each building as well as the interior of the common areas. We are constantly improving the apartments to make them more efficient, attractive, and useful to our tenants. As quickly as possible, we will correct problems brought to our attention so as not to inconvenience our tenants.

Our maintenance team works by prioritizing any requests provided by our residents or team members. Emergency items (i.e. lack of electricity, flooding, fire, frozen pipes, lack of heat, etc.) are our highest priority and we respond to these before anything else. In the event of an emergency, the response to other requests may be delayed.

We provide a significant amount of information at the beginning of each lease and do expect our tenants to read what is provided. We do assume that every person has read each document that they sign or initial. As a result of this assumption, we will fully honor the Lease and Lease Rider or any other documentation.