edgewater_aerialEdgewater is a lakefront neighborhood bordered by Lake Michigan (Lake Shore Drive) to the East, Ravenswood (1800 W) to the West, Foster (5200 N) to the South, and Devon (6400 N) to the North. It houses an economically and culturally diverse community with a mixture of rental apartments, condominiums, and single family homes. The high-rise buildings along the lakefront give way to rows of three-flats and tree-lined streets. Edgewater tends to be quieter than either Lakeview or Lincoln Park, although Clark Street and Broadway are home to many local shops and an array of ethnic restaurants.

Andersonville is an area of Edgewater located between Ravenswood (1800 W) to the West, Glenwood (1400 W) to the East, Foster (5200 N) to the South, and Bryn Mawr (5600 N) to the North. Traditionally a Swedish neighborhood, it now shares the cultural and economic diversity of the rest of Edgewater.

Edgewater has excellent public transportation with many bus routes and stops for the red “L” line for easy access into downtown (Loop) and the northern suburbs of Skokie, Evanston, and Wilmette. Street parking is much less congested than in other neighborhoods and does not require a parking permit.

Andersonville and eastern Edgewater are up-and-coming, increasingly desirable areas of Chicago. The supply of rental apartments continues to decrease as buildings get renovated and converted to condominiums.