This past winter was long and challenging.  It took summer a long time to get here, but lately, things have been looking up. Winter coats have been absent from the streets of Chicago for over a month now, and   residents of this great city have exchanged their jackets for t-shirts, boots for sandals, and hats for sunglasses.   Summer in Chicago has arrived.


Even if the weather is consistently in the 70’s, it is still summer.  With Chicago summer comes an intense 100 days of enjoying the outdoors.  Some of the best festivals of the summer season have already taken place, but there are still plenty more to come: the city will be playing host to two or more festivals per weekend for the next several weeks (   Every year the biggest festival of all is Lollapoolza (,  a must-attend for music lovers.


Don’t forget to enjoy eating outdoors as all outdoor patios and rooftops are now open.  Have a pleasant meal or grab a drink above the fracas of the street.   You may be amazed to find that some establishments near you offer outdoor or rooftop seating (


Chicago sports are extremely active in the summer.  Don’t miss out on Cubs games ( or White Sox games (  Make new friends or spend time with current ones by joining a sports league (kickball, softball, flag football, soccer, volleyball, and more).   Chicago Sport and Social ( and Players Sports ( are two options to get together for friendly scrimmages against friends.    People can even gather at beaches for some volleyball or sun (


As the trees grow their green leaves, the Chicago Parks ( become full of guests for picnics, grilling, kite flying and much more.  Some of the parks and neighborhoods host regular Farmers Markets (  Whatever interest someone has, from kayaking, to tours, to movies in the park, Chicago offers it all.


Chicago is a great city with ample opportunities to enjoy all seasons.   Summers in Chicago are a time of year that attract people from all over the country and world to experience its splendor.  Travelers and tourists get to experience a few days or a week of summer, but Chicago residents get to experience it all.  So don’t skip a minute and enjoy the season.

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