Some people consider Lakeview to be Lincoln Park’s little brother, but this charming neighborhood has always been able to stand on its own and is definitely worth living in or visiting.


The area of Lakeview is confusing to some because it is comprised of many smaller neighborhoods that have their own names and reputations.   Over the past 30 years, the larger community of Lakeview has come to be defined by the many smaller locations inside of it.  These areas include Wrigleyville, Southport Corridor, Lakeview East, Boystown, Lakeview West, Graceland West, Belmont Harbor, and more, and each is appealing in its own special way. No matter what part of Lakeview you find yourself strolling through, however, there’s sure to be plenty of wonderful options for shopping, dining, and entertainment.


Lakeview is popular in part due to its accessibility.  The “L” runs its Purple, Red and Brown lines through the neighborhood with multiple stops for residents and visitors alike.   Lakeview also has numerous bus lines that make it a breeze to quickly travel north, south, east, or west.   If you prefer to travel by car, Lake Shore Drive (US Route-41) is a convenient way to travel north or south.  Lakeview is also accessible to the Edens (I-94) and I-90 (Kennedy) expressways, so it’s easy to get around no matter which way you choose to do so.


Convenience is only one of the many attributes that makes Lakeview a wonderful neighborhood.  The area is also home to hundreds of dining options.  The plethora of restaurants on Broadway St., Clark St., Halsted Ave., and Southport Ave. are easy to walk to and ready to serve up delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Even picking any of these streets at random is sure to lead you to a variety of dining options featuring various styles of cuisine – or, if you aren’t hungry, you can check out the streets’ shops, theaters, and bars and cafés.


While it’s true that most communities in Chicago offer access to transportation, dining and shopping, Lakeview is a special neighborhood with unique opportunities for its visitors and residents.   Lakeview is home to over ten street festivals every summer that include art, music, parades, food, and LGBTIQ representation.  There’s plenty of fun and excitement to be had when you’re visiting any of Lakeview’s fantastic festivals.


Lakeview is also home to the Chicago Cubs, and it is their presence that has created the area known as Wrigleyville.  Wrigleyville has changed significantly over the past ten years; today, it includes not only the stadium, but also bars, eateries, and Gallagher Way (, a lawn outside the stadium that host summer movies, yoga, events, winter ice skating, and Christkindlmarket (


Lakeview is also home to its own section of Lake Michigan.  The lakefront is full of running and biking baths, 9-hole golf, green space, a dog park, the marina, tennis courts, sports fields, and artwork.   The benefits of this incredible amenity cannot be fully appreciated until they’re experienced firsthand, so it’s definitely worth visiting the lakeshore for a day of fun and leisure.


Lakeview’s Belmont Theater district has nearly 20 independently-owned theaters.   The area offers movie theaters on Southport ( and additional theaters for comedy and other shows.


Lakeview is a proud community of Chicago that is more than capable of standing toe to toe with its so-called “big brother”, and it is well worth experiencing as a guest or resident.  A visit to Lakeview is a quintessential Chicago experience.

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