Seminary Properties and Management, Ltd. is an apartment management company that strives to give fast, attentive service to all our residents and the properties we serve.  We feel it is our mission to provide equal and fair treatment to all tenants.    Accessibility, service, and fairness are the core tenets of our customer service philosophy.


Accessibility: Seminary Properties understands that a modern property management company needs to keep pace with the constant growth and development of new technologies, so we always strive to offer new options to tech-savvy tenants while retaining some classic business qualities.   We offer our tenants online mobile access so that they can review their account, sign and renew leases, submit maintenance requests, pay rent, and update their information anytime. However, for those times when speaking to a human being is necessary, a full-time office team is accessible by phone from 8:30am to 6pm, Monday through Friday.    Seminary Properties also offers our tenants a 24-hour emergency phone number. Dialing this number connects our tenants to a Seminary Property staff member who is on-call and able to respond to emergency situations.  It is important for our team to be accessible in person, by phone, e-mail or via communications by tenant portal so that any issues can be promptly addressed.


Service:  Seminary Properties is ready and able to provide service to our tenants via our office and maintenance teams.   Our office team is available to answer questions and provide assistance to tenants, including the submitting and assigning maintenance requests.     The maintenance team works from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, to address as many works request possible each day.   Even outside of the workday, our emergency contact number can reach on-call staff 24-hours a day for true emergencies.


Fairness:   Seminary Properties goes to extreme lengths to treat all tenants equally and fairly.  This can result in residents being upset that special requests are not agreed to, since these requests cannot be offered to all tenants.  Seminary Properties has an extensive lease that outlines what can be expected by tenants from Seminary Properties.   Seminary Properties will not agree to requests from tenants if they are not requests that Seminary Properties would grant to all of their residents.


These three categories are the foundation of Seminary Properties’ customer service ethos.  We will honor the terms of our lease to provide our residents a wonderful living experience.


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